Constantine Bodin

Constantine Bodin
   King of Zeta (Diokleia [q.v.]); proclaimed tsar of Bulgaria (qq.v.) in 1072. He was the grandson of Stefan Voislav (q.v.), who had rebelled against Byzantine control around 1034, and son of Michael Voislav, whose anti-Byzantine policy along the south Adriatic (q.v.) coast culminated in l077, when his Serbian kingdom was recognized by the papacy (q.v.). In 1072 Bodin joined the Bulgar rebellion of George Voitech, and he was acclaimed tsar at Prizren. However, Alexios I Komnenos (q.v.) soon reestablished Byzantine power and captured Bodin. Eventually he escaped and returned to rule over Diokleia (around 1082). From 1085-1094, Alexios I waged war against Diokleia, capturing Bodin again and annexing Zeta.

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